Our engagement with the Dental CAD CAM client from Germany encompassed the comprehensive redevelopment and ongoing maintenance of their e-commerce landscape through the transition from Magento 1 to the robust Magento 2 platform.
This transformation involved meticulous migration of data and reimagining the user experience to align with the client’s evolving needs.
A paramount objective of our work was to incorporate specialized shipping solutions and tailored tax structures to accommodate the intricacies of diverse countries. Our team undertook a methodical approach, ensuring that each facet of the Magento 2 webstore was optimized for peak performance and customer engagement. B
eyond the development phase, our commitment extended to the continuous upkeep and refinement of the platform, guaranteeing seamless functionality, security, and responsiveness. The outcome is an elevated and sustainable e-commerce hub that empowers the Dental CAD CAM client to efficiently serve their global customer base with precision and efficacy.