Unior Teos alati


Developers: Dejan Stjepanović and Radmila Pletl

Design: Filip Bošković

Serbian branch of locally fameous hand tools manufacruter Unior decided to improve their online presence and redesign their old webshop. Old website was built in .net/asp technology and was limited in options to update procuts and manage content.

The Goal:

Due to continious rise of ecommerce websites in region our mission was to develop new web-shop that will follow modern standards of online commerce. With existing database of main Unior tools that was in the shop's offer we had to create tool that will update original database and sync it with local Unior Teos stock and products that are not in the list.

Additional requirements were sending notifications to ERP that was used for all orders in "offline" world and to pay special attention to SEO optimization, schema.org tags and socialnetwor sharing as our partner Holistic Web Marketing had to continue his part of work.


Analysis of the large number of current stock with indication that it will grow, we realized that, having in mind large daily load, the most efficiently application would be Zend Framework.


  1. Zend Framework 1.12
  2. Solr search
  3. The frontend was redesigned for the entire site in twitter bootstrap framework + less css


After deployment, results were that client got brand new CMS with all possible options to manage content, products and orders. CMS includes blogs with categories, newsletter subscription management as well as pdf caltalogue management.

WIth new technology and framework client got excellent base for improvement and development of new features.

We learned:

The challenge was working with non-technical client with not so clear goals which ended in lots of email communication and meetings where we had to clarify technical terms in plain words and necessity of all work that we are doing.

PROJECT DURATION: march 2014. - december 2015.