Tennis League Belgrade

Developers: Dejan Stjepanović and Aleksandar Cocek

Design: Predrag Stepanović

The goal:

A group of amateur tennis players, which organize a league competition every year, decided to simplify the results chart and game schedules for all the matches in all leagues.


We have come up with an algorithm for automatic generation of the tournament rounds, so that every participant has a chance to choose the term which suits them best. Additional challenge was ranking table in situations when more rounds are played at the same time.


  1. Zend Framework 1.12
  2. InnoDB
  3. The frontend was built in twitter bootstrap framework + less css.


Having in mind that the client was main administrator, we developed administration panel which automatically generates opponent pairs, connects players into groups and administrates seasons.
Users have full statistics of their own matches as well as of the titles they won.

We learned:

The challenge was to find the best couple picking algorithm, that would satisfy all the need of players, bearing in mind it is an amateur league and had to have flexible playing conditions.

PROJECT DURATION: March 2013. - on going maintenance