Positive Edge Education


Developers: Dejan Stjepanović and Radmila Pletl

Design: http://qubstudio.com/

Our dear client Thomas Westenholz asked us to help him build online learning platform for improving learning skills and better academic results in elementary schools.

The Goal:

The goal was to develop online learning platform with video lectures and quizzes that will guide students through Growth Mindset program. Website should capture leads and provide registration for schools, payment options for online Stripe transactions or bank and administration for handling school administrators, teachers and students.

Additional requirements were extending standard CMS functionalities with CRM where main administrator can track payments statuses, generate reports and track statuses of customers.


Due to complexity of requests and large number of relations between school administrators, payed licences and generated licences that must be paired with students, our choice was Docrtrine ORM for database and API driven application that will enable our client to easily extend the system with mobile applications or any other external integrations. Zend Framework 2 and Apigility module were perfect fit for this.

Frontend part with ordering steps and CMS administration was built with backbone.js to speed up the page load and handle the requests on users' side.


  1. Zend Framework 2
  2. Apigility
  3. Doctrine ORM
  4. Backbone.js


After deployment, client got the fully functional CMS and CRM for managing his business which was seamlessly integrated with Wordpress website that stands as main informational portal. 

During the beta testing phase we worked with selected schools who participated in registration and licence purchases so we were able to fine-tune the essential financial model that will be used forthis project.

We learned:

The challenge of MVP planning with client gave us some valuable insights how entrepreneurs ideas can be aligned with current technologies to produce product that users will like.

PROJECT DURATION: october 2014. - april 2016.