Best Language

Developers: Nikola Miljković and Radmila Pletl

Design: Vladan Zlatić

The goal:

Egida International agency wanted to broaden their business by offering language courses (“summer schools”) for students around the world.

Based on the data the client provided, our mission was to develop the most optimized way of language courses and schools administration, along with simple and clear user interface for web site visitors.


We have developed and administration model of all language schools and courses, along with prices and accommodation booking, private lessons, extracurricular activities, etc.
Integration of all schools’ price lists into a unique model clear and understandable for clients was a whole new challenge. Our weapon of choice was Zend Framework.


  1. Zend Framework 1.12
  2. Doctrine (ORM)
  3. jQuery UI


We have developed an application which redefined client’s business model and introduced a unique administration of schools, courses and course applications.

We learned:

The most important lesson this project provided us with was how to formulate our tasks, together with a client, i.e. Egida agency’s business model. In that process we used scrum/agile with lots of brainstorming sessions. In two week sprints, we have been developing sections and tested usability, to ensure it answers the need of our client.

That is how we got an idea to provide service of business startup consulting – instead of mere web application creation/design – which would include researches, advice, consultations, etc.