Alexandar Cosmetics

Developers: Dejan Stjepanović and Radmila Pletl

Design: Alexandar cosmetics

Aleksandar Cosmetics, the largest beauty salon shops equipment (beauty parlours and hairdressing shops) in the region, came to us with an idea of optimising and upgrading their web site, turning it into an online shop.

The Goal:

The goal was to transform the site with over 10000 products and 20000 registered members into a functional online shop, with CRM [Customer relationship management] elements.

Additional requirements were linking the base of the site with the stock and managing product ordering within the company (from the stock into retail shops).


Analysing the condition of the preexisting (CI) application, we realised that, having in mind large daily load, the most efficiently behaving application would be ZF.

Due to the clients requests regarding ordering administration, we have created a shopping basket and the ordering steps with backbone.js.


1. Zend Framework 1.12
2. InnoDB
3. Solr
4. Memcached
5. Backbone.js
6. real-time monitoring (socket) services
7. The frontend was redesigned for the entire site in twitter bootstrap framework + less css


After deployment, results of the performance testing lead to a 30% increase of the system speed, and with the server optimisation the load was decreased.

After several days of website introduction, the number of visits and orders was increased.

New database model and the system was an excellent base for improvement of new features.

We learned:

The challenge was developing a flexible system of the real time notifications and optimization for mobile devices.

PROJECT DURATION: June 2011. - January 2016.