What’s New in WordPress 5.2


Everyone is very excited about the release of WordPress 5.2.  It’s coming very soon, on Tuesday, May 7th.

This version of WordPress is not meant to be a big feature release. Its goal was only to work on the “9 Projects for 2019” list set by Matt for this year.

A lot of these projects have been improved and there have been smaller features added that will be very helpful for many people.

One of the most important features that are coming with WordPress 5.2 is Site Health Check plugin added to the WordPress core.

This plugin checks the setup of your site and helps you to optimize it, with a big part of its focus being on getting less technical users to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to 7+.

WordPress 5.2  will have this plugin included and it will be under the tools menu with 2 sections.

Another interesting thing in WordPress 5.2 is The Status Section that gives you feedback on your WordPress installation with tips for how to improve the performance and security of your site. This section will be particularly interesting for the people that sell WordPress products when trying to provide support.  Also, there is a button ‘copy - to - clipboard’ to make it easy to send the info to customer support.

There is also the reintroduction of the White Screen of Death protection which was originally slated for 5.1. It still lets Admin login to their WordPress site when it  “white screen of deaths” (typically due to a fatal error from a plugin) and letting them fix the issue more easily than the previous method.

One of the many updates on Gutenberg is Block Manager. It allows you to hide the blocks you are not interested in (and get rid of Verse block).  

New Group block is the new sensation. It is a container or section block in which you can add other blocks. In it you have the possibility to change the background color of multiple blocks at once. The intention with this feature is that in the future it will work the same as a Cover block.

One big thing that is missing with this Group block is the ability to change font colors and backgrounds. This can be done with the paragraph block, but not with other blocks. You can change the paragraph text, but heading and captions remain the same.

There have also been improvements in the Privacy policy.  Changes have been made mostly for developers, but as WordPress is open community everyone is welcomed to add any other suggestion.

For the full list of updates in WordPress 5.2 check out this field guide.

Tools that help us work from any part of the world as a distributed company

To gather our remote, fully distributed team to talk face-to-face, discuss what we’re working on and connect with our community is truly incredible and we would love to share the tools we use to make all that possible.

Slack - The virtual office

Slack is our remote office. If you're on Slack: You're at work. It allows us to talk to each other easily and also pipes in feeds of all activity happening in our other tools.

Slack is at the center of the entire company.

Slack screenshot


This is our ultimate project management and time tracking tool. It helps us solve our business challenges efficiently and removes obstacles to our success.

ActiveCollab screenshot


As an open source end-to-end software development platform with built-in version control, issue tracking, code review, CI/CD, and more, we use it for code versioning of all projects, quick documentation, and issue tracking.

GitLab screenshot

Google Docs

It is a tool that most businesses adopted these days as a way to increase the efficiency and usability of the information.

We use it for shared documents, sheets, files and shared meeting notes.

Google Docs screenshot

Skype / Google Hangouts /

All of these tools are very handy and easy to use especially in the situation where you need to reach someone very quickly. We use it for calls and group meetings.

Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom


It’s the best password manager and generator.

It makes and remembers your passwords, so you don’t have to.


HoxxVPN, BearVPN

It protects our online privacy and it’s useful for quick VPN access.


Droplr ends all our problems with sending files.

It’s super easy to share files, screenshots, and images.

Droplr screenshot