What’s New in WordPress 5.2


Everyone is very excited about the release of WordPress 5.2.  It’s coming very soon, on Tuesday, May 7th.

This version of WordPress is not meant to be a big feature release. Its goal was only to work on the “9 Projects for 2019” list set by Matt for this year.

A lot of these projects have been improved and there have been smaller features added that will be very helpful for many people.

One of the most important features that are coming with WordPress 5.2 is Site Health Check plugin added to the WordPress core.

This plugin checks the setup of your site and helps you to optimize it, with a big part of its focus being on getting less technical users to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to 7+.

WordPress 5.2  will have this plugin included and it will be under the tools menu with 2 sections.

Another interesting thing in WordPress 5.2 is The Status Section that gives you feedback on your WordPress installation with tips for how to improve the performance and security of your site. This section will be particularly interesting for the people that sell WordPress products when trying to provide support.  Also, there is a button ‘copy - to - clipboard’ to make it easy to send the info to customer support.

There is also the reintroduction of the White Screen of Death protection which was originally slated for 5.1. It still lets Admin login to their WordPress site when it  “white screen of deaths” (typically due to a fatal error from a plugin) and letting them fix the issue more easily than the previous method.

One of the many updates on Gutenberg is Block Manager. It allows you to hide the blocks you are not interested in (and get rid of Verse block).  

New Group block is the new sensation. It is a container or section block in which you can add other blocks. In it you have the possibility to change the background color of multiple blocks at once. The intention with this feature is that in the future it will work the same as a Cover block.

One big thing that is missing with this Group block is the ability to change font colors and backgrounds. This can be done with the paragraph block, but not with other blocks. You can change the paragraph text, but heading and captions remain the same.

There have also been improvements in the Privacy policy.  Changes have been made mostly for developers, but as WordPress is open community everyone is welcomed to add any other suggestion.

For the full list of updates in WordPress 5.2 check out this field guide.

Tools that help us work from any part of the world as a distributed company

To gather our remote, fully distributed team to talk face-to-face, discuss what we’re working on and connect with our community is truly incredible and we would love to share the tools we use to make all that possible.

Slack - The virtual office

Slack is our remote office. If you're on Slack: You're at work. It allows us to talk to each other easily and also pipes in feeds of all activity happening in our other tools.

Slack is at the center of the entire company.

Slack screenshot


This is our ultimate project management and time tracking tool. It helps us solve our business challenges efficiently and removes obstacles to our success.

ActiveCollab screenshot


As an open source end-to-end software development platform with built-in version control, issue tracking, code review, CI/CD, and more, we use it for code versioning of all projects, quick documentation, and issue tracking.

GitLab screenshot

Google Docs

It is a tool that most businesses adopted these days as a way to increase the efficiency and usability of the information.

We use it for shared documents, sheets, files and shared meeting notes.

Google Docs screenshot

Skype / Google Hangouts / Zoom.us

All of these tools are very handy and easy to use especially in the situation where you need to reach someone very quickly. We use it for calls and group meetings.

Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoom


It’s the best password manager and generator.

It makes and remembers your passwords, so you don’t have to.


HoxxVPN, BearVPN

It protects our online privacy and it’s useful for quick VPN access.


Droplr ends all our problems with sending files.

It’s super easy to share files, screenshots, and images.

Droplr screenshot

Keywords vs. Context: How do you search?

In the world of SEO, something that worked yesterday, may not work next week. While constantly wondering how to keep your content fresh, optimize your website for that Google search bar and, well, bump up your website as much as you can, keywords are being replaced by topic-based content strategies.

Search engines exist to solve your problems, and they're getting much better at predicting what you want.

Keyword search

The model we use the most; Open Google, type in keywords, get the results.

We have to keep in mind that Google is trying to understand us and know our intent. To be able to achieve that, and give us what we initially searched for, Google's going to, once again, be "the smart guy".

"The smart guy" is not only going to pay attention to the words you typed in the search bar (read: keywords), but also take into consideration the implicit content of your search. Remember that location you "kind of" tend to leave "on" draining your battery? Yep, a pretty big deal. Also, along with this, your previous searches, language, and a bunch of other things.

For example, let's say you type in "restaurants near me" in the search bar, while your location is off. Google gives you results based on your previous searches, history, other people's ratings of restaurants in your town (keep in mind that Google ranks pages based on how long someone spends on that page and the percentage of clicks on that page).

google near me off

Google search results when location is off.

Next, search for the same thing with your location on. You'll see that you get different results based on your location.

google near me on

Google search when location is on.

Using this, Google finds the easier way to find out what you're really looking for.

Basically, search results are dependent on those things - the keywords you type in + the implicit things you give to Google without knowing.

Context search

The context search includes not only your mobile search, but personalized search as well. Google ranks search results and determines in which order it'll place the results. It uses a machine learning system called RankBrain, that helps it do so.

For example, Google Now search is fully content-based; Reactions - people love it. Google Now applies your context searches to real life and you get the best results.

The best way to look at it is looking at Google as a tool for solving your problems. In order to have that done, you've got to help him out, as well. Meaning, if you want to get the best results, you also have to pay attention to the things you type in.

Remembering a couple of cool tricks might come in handy… For example, using quotation marks, minus, plus, etc.


Keeping all this in mind, we have to realize that keywords are probably going to be gone in the near future. Keywords can't give us the big picture. We have to look at queries and all the aspects Google takes into consideration. Not only the data, but metadata, too.

Tehnološki doručak #34

Heapspace organization has prepared another exciting event in Novi Sad, Tehnološki doručak #34

In today's event, we had a chance to meet projects from fellow tech enthusiasts who are making an impact in our society with interesting ideas

Dobrok is a solution for all of us entrepreneurs who don't have time to think about (healthy) meals. With the team of chefs and logistics Dobrok is serving a wide range of meals including chrono, diet and vegan choices. Meal plan is created for up to 10 days ahead and each meal will be delivered to your address. Currently, Dobrok operates only in Novi Sad, but the plan is to expand to Belgrade and other places soon.

flibk.io is created by hip fellow Momčilo Popov who blasted his business idea while visiting Paris and in just two months he coded and prepared all the shipping procedures for creating flipbook from your video. With flipbk.io you can transform your short video into printed memory or present to your friends.

Swiss company Invenda that has entire development team in Novi Sad presented their business - interactive vending machines. With the modern Internet of Things concept and available hardware vending machine can be transformed into AI that can recognize your needs, offer special choices to the defined target groups and at the same time track every detail for each machine. That includes purchase history and inventory status.

At the end, KC Lab announced events that this cultural spot is preparing for upcoming months along with options that are available for creative individuals for innovative social and cultural activities.

Tehnoloski doručak is perfect meetup format for a small community such as in Novi Sad where business owners, entrepreneurs, IT developers and artists can meet, share their stories, network and knowledge so they can create better future for all of us!

We are looking forward to the new events that Heapspace will organize in this year!

WordCamp Europe 2018 Recap

This year’s WCEU was hosted at Belgrade’s Sava Center from June 14th - 16th. Our front-end developers, Radmila and Iva, were eager to go and see what’s WCEU got in store for them this time, and here’s their take on it.


The workshops we got to attend during those 2 days were absolutely fantastic.

The entire content we were given was very well thought out, focusing on both technical and psychological aspects of our jobs.

The one that absolutely blew us away was Matt Mullenweg’s super inspiring and resourceful speech. On the other hand, Nathan Kuik’s workshop was kind of an eye opener; how to learn to focus on details and feel good while we work, but most importantly, how to avoid stress and burning out.

This WCEU was mainly focused on Gutenberg blocks - something fairly new in WordPress. During those days we got to hear about it first hand, and learn how to improve and build new ones.

Google, as the main sponsor, had its own stand and it was the most crowded one. Their reps helped with any questions we had, even fixing bugs on someone’s websites or resolving some other issues.


What really showed us that this conference was on a whole other level was WCEU “kindergarten”. You could easily come to WCEU with your little ones and check out everything on the agenda, while they play with other kids or sleep.

Some awesome attractions were Boldie the dragon (a tiny robot which could move his head), and the wheel of fortune with different challenges and prizes.


We were blown away with how well-organized and thought-through this conference was from every possible aspect. From speakers, to different stands, attractions, way to directly engage and be a part of it - one word to describe it - phenomenal.

Especially now when we’re still under the impression of what we heard, learnt and intend to implement in our Eemagine projects.

Oh and, the fact that this WCEU was in Belgrade says a lot about our growing development community. Keep it going, fellow devs.

Spark Me 2018 - Eemagine Recap

As a part of our offline “tour”, we decided to attend this year’s Spark Me conference in Budva, Montenegro. And let us tell you, was that a good idea!

Conferences and meetups like this one keep our digital universe going - staying connected, meeting new people, and exchanging our passion and brilliance in what we do.

Well, Spark Me is one of those conferences where you go with a certain mindset and get out bursting with inspiration and awe.

spark me opening.jpg


Where Business Meets Digital Innovation

Among many marketers, the organizers managed to gather some of the best speakers from all around the world, covering pretty much every branch that includes digital world. From different marketing experts some big time social media influencers to real cyborgs! Yes, you read it will. We’ve witnessed seeing Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas, who happen to have devices installed in their bodies that make them… humanoids, or literally what we said - cyborgs.


The moment everyone lost their minds was definitely seeing Mike Massimino share his expertise and know how. Listening to a NASA astronaut in person, who happens to be the first person to tweet from space), and his life experiences is something you don’t get to see every day.


To spice things up, Itay Talgam, a conductor and a business consultant, used his innovative approach to teach us some good lessons about business.

With all these great people to look up to, what did we learn?


Spark Me Post Effects

Things are changing rapidly, so we often become robots and forget why or how we do something. So what makes you stand out in such a crowded market?

The whole point of these gatherings is not sharing cliché talks with your audience (what a lot of people out there think). You hear everything about bumpy roads to success and the secret to it, but you only truly understand it when you get to its inner core.

All these people represent success, hard work, persistence, passion, but most importantly - LOVE.

Take your passion and do something with it. Rely on your team and LOVE what you do.

Something important Spark Me reminded us of and also something we try to incorporate daily in our little Eemagine factory: “There’s got to be something driving you, and that’s gonna drive you to success.”