After being in the business for quite a while, we realized what matters to us the most and decided to pursue it.

Eemagine is a place that inspires its team to constantly grow in the most creative ways. Our positive attitude, being happy at work, and knowing exactly what we’re doing (and sometimes not at all) is what keeps us going.

Sure, we have struggles. We just learned how to handle them in efficient ways.

Meet this nerdy squad that’s behind everything Eemagine does.

Our Vision

Our small family business was started with a goal to provide a creative environment which fully supports our personal and professional development. Knowing how important it is to have the utmost freedom in terms of spiritual, creative, social and financial growth, we created a place where all this is possible and where we approach each other and our clients with a positive attitude. We are looking to further build our agency by gaining new knowledge and business experiences in this exciting day and age.


Our Mission

Our goal is to develop websites and web applications that improve our clients’ businesses, while working together with them on elaborating and building upon their ideas during the project development. The process of developing an idea through constant conversationis a beneficial form of giving in which we enjoy.

In addition to this, we are looking to build powerful teams whose members - our associates – are able to fulfill their personal and social needs to grow in terms of creativity and enthusiasm



We all know that happy people work better, but how many companies would word “fun and pleasure” include in its vision and mission? Remember that the number of smile per employee is pretty good indicator of the future wellness of the company
— FUNKY BUSINESS - Jonas Riderstrale and Kjel Nordstrom



Special thanks to Zlatko Vicković for providing the beautiful photos featured on this website.