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Tehnološki doručak #34

Heapspace organization has prepared another exciting event in Novi Sad, Tehnološki doručak #34

In today’s event, we had a chance to meet projects from fellow tech enthusiasts who are making an impact in our society with interesting ideas

Dobrok is a solution for all of us entrepreneurs who don’t have time to think about (healthy) meals. With the team of chefs and logistics Dobrok is serving a wide range of meals including chrono, diet and vegan choices. Meal plan is created for up to 10 days ahead and each meal will be delivered to your address. Currently, Dobrok operates only in Novi Sad, but the plan is to expand to Belgrade and other places soon. is created by hip fellow Momčilo Popov who blasted his business idea while visiting Paris and in just two months he coded and prepared all the shipping procedures for creating flipbook from your video. With you can transform your short video into printed memory or present to your friends.

Swiss company Invenda that has entire development team in Novi Sad presented their business – interactive vending machines. With the modern Internet of Things concept and available hardware vending machine can be transformed into AI that can recognize your needs, offer special choices to the defined target groups and at the same time track every detail for each machine. That includes purchase history and inventory status.

At the end, KC Lab announced events that this cultural spot is preparing for upcoming months along with options that are available for creative individuals for innovative social and cultural activities.

Tehnoloski doručak is perfect meetup format for a small community such as in Novi Sad where business owners, entrepreneurs, IT developers and artists can meet, share their stories, network and knowledge so they can create better future for all of us!

We are looking forward to the new events that Heapspace will organize in this year!

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