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WordCamp Europe 2018 Recap

This year’s WCEU was hosted at Belgrade’s Sava Center from June 14th – 16th. Our front-end developers, Radmila and Iva, were eager to go and see what’s WCEU got in store for them this time, and here’s their take on it.

The workshops we got to attend during those 2 days were absolutely fantastic.

The entire content we were given was very well thought out, focusing on both technical and psychological aspects of our jobs.

The one that absolutely blew us away was Matt Mullenweg’s super inspiring and resourceful speech. On the other hand, Nathan Kuik’s workshop was kind of an eye opener; how to learn to focus on details and feel good while we work, but most importantly, how to avoid stress and burning out.

This WCEU was mainly focused on Gutenberg blocks – something fairly new in WordPress. During those days we got to hear about it first hand, and learn how to improve and build new ones.

Google, as the main sponsor, had its own stand and it was the most crowded one. Their reps helped with any questions we had, even fixing bugs on someone’s websites or resolving some other issues.

What really showed us that this conference was on a whole other level was WCEU “kindergarten”. You could easily come to WCEU with your little ones and check out everything on the agenda, while they play with other kids or sleep.

Some awesome attractions were Boldie the dragon (a tiny robot which could move his head), and the wheel of fortune with different challenges and prizes.

We were blown away with how well-organized and thought-through this conference was from every possible aspect. From speakers, to different stands, attractions, way to directly engage and be a part of it – one word to describe it – phenomenal.

Especially now when we’re still under the impression of what we heard, learnt and intend to implement in our Eemagine projects.

Oh and, the fact that this WCEU was in Belgrade says a lot about our growing development community. Keep it going, fellow devs.

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